Your support lets everyone get their time to shine!


We promise applause!


Stretch and grow as you try out and "try it out".


AZ ACT is where performers learn and learners perform.


You have a part when you do your part.


Come see a show!


In here, we provide a dress rehearsal for what lies out there.

We allow our community to learn life’s lessons through play. 

From engaging experiences to enchanting relationships, this exposure to live theater provides a chance to fail, improve, and come out stronger.

As we turn followers into fans and spectators into show stoppers, the captivation of theater magic transforms casts into family.

AZ ACT provides a safe space to act it out. Won’t you play your part?

AZ ACT was created to encourage confidence in children. It is a special place where youth and the young-at-heart can be creative, laugh, cry, sing, dance, take chances, make mistakes, fail, succeed, and be who they are. Donate Today!

AZ ACT is a theater company formed to bring a variety of people together into one community through the joy of performing.

It is a place where educational programs become performances and challenges are overcome through connection.

We guide and direct as we develop and grow into the best performers we can be.



11011 S. 48th Street
Suite B-101
Phoenix, AZ, 85044
(Use elevator to get to LL)

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Now is the time to PLAY!

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