Treble Makers Show Choir 2023-2024

Treble Makers Show Choir


We are excited for this new year!

Classes begin the week of August 7th.

Registration and payment is due before the first class on August 10th. If there is a spelling mistake, please let us know.  

Treble Makers Show Choir 2023-2024

Ryan Bargiel

Madison Baumann

Bailey Brown

Anders Fagerman 

Julia Fagerman 

Selah Freshour 

Savannah Hayden 

Olivia Lorincy 

Karsen Makar 

Nora Nigro 

Kenzie Padilla 

Alexis Rodriguez 

Trisha Shankar 

Sarah Taylor



11011 S. 48th Street
Suite B-101
Phoenix, AZ, 85044
(Use elevator to get to LL)

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