Select Show Choir Cast List 2023-2024

Select Show Choir


We are excited for this new year!

Classes begin the week of August 7th.

Registration and payment is due before the first class on August 10th. If there is a spelling mistake, please let us know. 

If you are applying for the Select Show Choir Zoe Mar Scholarship, the scholarship application is due by August 1st. The scholarship recipient will be announced on August 2nd. APPLY NOW >>

Select Show Choir 2023-2024

Avery Becker

Molly Breckow 

Olivia Clennan 

Mia Egan

Samantha Ennis 

Abby Fedyski 

Amanda Gellman 

Eli Hernandez 

Amelicia Johnson 

Molly Lakritz

Teagan Kelly  

Talya Myers 

Dominic McWhirter 

Clover Padilla 

Sheridan Reagan 

Meredith Snow 

Shaun Sullivan 

Darcy Sylvester

Dani Thomas  

Madelyn Thye

Cassidy Trembath



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