“Disney Dreaming”

Summer 2024
Main Stage Production

Follow the journey of young Hope as she finds herself believing she is too old for the magic of Disney. Lead by Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, she is taken on a musical journey of all the beautiful lessons the Disney stories have taught her. Through beloved characters and music, she discovers that the stories have taught her to be strong, kind, and loyal. She realizes that she will never outgrow magic they have brought to her.

Max students

  • Ages 6-8:  10 (closed – at capacity)
  • Ages 9-11:  15 (closed – at capacity)
  • Ages 12+:  25 (closed – at capacity)

Production Fee

Production fee of $325 covers all costs for production. Show tickets are not included.


Registration Closed – at capacity

Cast List 

Disney Dreaming Cast List 2024

Congratulations, Cast! There will be a cast email coming out tomorrow with more details as well as access to your script and music! 

Character Played By
Peter Pan Anders Fagerman
Tinkerbell Leah Schifferer
Hope Zosia Moldt 
Hope’s Mom/Ensemble B Darcy Sylvester 
Cinderella/Ensemble B Talya Myers 
Simba/Ensemble A Emily Bonner 
Zazu/Ensemble A Nora Nigro
Nala/Ensemble A Claire Grider 
Hercules/Ensemble B Evan Grider 
Rapunzel/Ensemble B Sheridan Reagan 
Ariel/Ensemble B Meredith Snow 
Mulan/Ensemble B Amber Chen 
Pinocchio/Ensemble A Colton Harmon 
Puppet 2/Ensemble A Aria Hayes 
Puppet 3/Ensemble A Eliza Burt 
Puppet 4/Ensemble A  Stevie Ray 
Momma Ode/Ensemble B Gabby Padilla 
Belle/Ensemble B Mia Egan 
Woody/Ensemble B Julian Romen 
Buzz Lightyear/Ensemble B Patrick Lechner 
Genie/Ensemble B Eli Hernandez 
Miguel/Ensemble A David Horvat
Ernesto Cruz/Ensemble B Omar Monge-Beltran 
Moana/Ensemble B Makayla Hansen
Mirabel/Ensemble B Julia Fagerman 
Anna/Ensemble B Bailey Brown
Elsa/Ensemble B Molly Breckow 
Timon/Ensemble A Lilah Chow 
Pumbaa/Ensemble A Quinn Withgott 
Lumiere/Ensemble B Braxton Eastin
Cogsworth/Ensemble B Samuel Nelson 
Mrs. Potts/Ensemble B Sky Albero 
Baloo/Ensemble A Drew Ginsberg 
Ensemble A

Jude Schifferer 

Ariana Morelas 

Jazlyn McClain

Paige Leppert 

Ensemble B

Kenzie Padilla 

Sophie Harmon 

Alexis Rodriguez

Bella Romen

Amelia Burt 

Sarah Mohammed 

Siya Tuscher

Maria Griner 

Savannah Hayden

Liv Randle 

Isabel Corral

Logann Flores 

Aden Miller 



Mon-Fri June 10th – 21st:

  • Ages 6-11 1-3:30pm
  • Ages 12-19 2:30-5:30pm

Tech week June 24th -27th:

  • All Cast 1:00-5:30

Stage Tech/dress rehearsal June 28th:

  • Friday, June 28th from 3:00 pm – 8:3o pm 
  • Location: Mesa Arts Center


Show Dates/Times: 

June 29th

2:00 pm and 6:30 pm 


Mesa Arts Center

1 E. Main Street, Mesa, AZ, 85201

Tickets on sale now! Tickets can be purchased here.

Ticket Price Range: $23-$33  (VIP tickets available). 

Show tickets are not included in the production fee. 



11011 S. 48th Street
Suite B-101
Phoenix, AZ, 85044
(Use elevator to get to LL)

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