“13” the Musical


13 returns us to those years when we were burgeoning toward teenage life and the experiences we shared during that time of our lives. The tumultuous pre-teen years are full of frustration and delight—all universally relatable. And entertaining!

Here’s a fun fact: 13 was the first Broadway musical to have a cast and band composed entirely of teenagers!

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Production Fee  

If cast, there will be a production fee of $300 due at the first rehearsal

Max cast members: 25 


  • The rehearsal schedule can be found here
  • You will only attend rehearsals when your part is called.
  • There will not be rehearsals during the 2 weeks of spring break March 11-23.


Show Dates: 

April 5th 7 pm

April 6th 1pm and 7 pm.


The Stage at Fusion 

Show tickets are not included in the production fee. 



11011 S. 48th Street
Suite B-101
Phoenix, AZ, 85044
(Use elevator to get to LL)

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