Christmas Carol Cast List 2023

Christmas Carol Cast List 


Rehearsals begin tomorrow at 9:00! Be sure to check the rehearsal schedule. 

Christmas Carol 25th Anniversary Cast 2023

Scrooge: Michael Rubino 

Narrator: Mia Egan

Sidekick: Eli Hernandez 

Bob Cratchit: Jacob Anderson 

Emily Cratchit: Darcy Sylvester 

Belinda Cratchit: Amelia Thye 

Betina Cratchit: Quinn Withgott 

Peter Cratchit: Evan Grider 

Tiny Tim: Claire Grider 

Mrs. Dilber/Fred Party Guest: Stanci Snow

Turkey Girl: Emily Bonner 

Adele/Fred Party Guest/Fezziwig Guest: Meredith Snow 

Miriam/Fred Party Guest/Fezziwig Guest: Amanda Gellman 

Gertrude/Fred Party Guest/Fezziwig Guest: Evie Walker 

Edna/Fred Party Guest/Fezziwig Guest: Leilani Ontiveros 

Hermione/Fred Party Guest/Fezziwig Guest: Ailani Ontiveros 

Ghost of Christmas Past/Ensemble: Julia Fagerman 

Ghost of Christmas Present: Andrew Egan 

Jacob Marley/Ensemble: Shaun Sullivan 

Robert Marley/Ensemble: Dominic McWhirter  

Belle/Clara: Talya Myers 

Fred/Master Scrooge/Headmaster: Patrick Keyser   

Little Caroler: Kaitlyn Wallace  

Ghost of Christmas Future/Ensemble: Mark Snow  

Young Scrooge/Ensemble: David Horvat 

Mr. Fezziwig/Fred Party Guest: Julian Romen 

Mrs. Fezziwig/Fred Party Guest: Bella Gump 

Widow Applegate/Fezziwig Guest/Fred Party Guest: Sheridan Reagan 

Lead Caroler/Featured Soloist at Fred Party/Fezziwig Guest: Erin Myers 


Vivienne Taylor

Eliza Burt

Reese Lossing

Charlotte Mcdermott 

Vivi Foreman

Nora Nigro

Kuhu Angel Agrawal 

Ashley Bogart-Weisman 

Clara DeMaris

Zosia Moldt  

Urchins/Marley Ghosts/Fezziwig Guests

Logann Flores

Avery Becker

Molly Breckow 

Sarah Mohamed 

Sierra Ricks*

Kenzie Padilla 

Dani Thomas*

Molly Prefling* 

Dancing Carolers/Fezziwig Guest 

Drew Ginsberg

Bella Campisano 

Lily Croxton 

Alexis Rodriguez 

Madelyn Thye 

Phoebe Haslup 

Male Dancing Carolers/Fezziwig Guest

Braxton Eastin

Anders Fagerman* 

Ryan Bargiel 

Samuel Nelson  

Featured Choral Group/Fezziwig Guest/Fred Party Guest 

Ashley Goldring 

Stacy Lang

Krista Campisano 

Jasmine Horvat* 

Ayla Edwards

Carolers/Fezziwig Guest

Olivia Randle 

Savannah Hayden

Amelia Burt

Isabel Corral 

Sky Albero

Bella Romen 

Sarah Taylor 

Hera Fox

Amelicia Johnson* 

Caroline Forbes    


Man 1/Fezziwig Guest: Henry Lang  

Man 2/Fezziwig Guest: Anders Fagerman 

Jo/Fred Guest: Gabriella Padilla 

Scavenger 1: Jasmine Horvat 

Scavenger 2: Amelicia Johnson 

Mourner 1/Fred Party Guest: Sierra Ricks 

Mourner 2/Fred Party Guest: Dani Thomas  

Mourner 3/Fred Party Guest: Molly Prefling 

Townsperson/Fezziwig Guest: Grayson Davis 

Townsperson/Fezziwig Guest: Wesley Bonner  

Townsperson/Fezziwig Guest/Fred Party Guest: Sooz Rudolph 



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